AdMob and Android Market Developer Console Stats mixed with OCD

I have OCD when it comes to checking AdMob and Android Market Developer Console statistics. I’m probably not alone on this one either.

Lately, I get a bit under a thousand new users each day. Over the past 7 months over 50% of my users are still with me! Wahoo!

However, an irregularity has popped up over the last six days. In this particular case, the # of installs of one my apps, Hoversweeper, has totally flat-lined to just a handful per day. But the AdMob ad impressions haven’t!

There are minor fluctuations (standard day of the week stuff), but it has been growing on average 8% from the previous day. Just with respect to AdMob, I don’t really care if an average user plays 21 times or over 1000. All I care about is that the # of impressions are accurate. But I think the former assessment for # of plays per user is a little more realistic.

However the stats in the Developer Console have affected my ratings in the Brain & Puzzles Top New Free section. I fell from #30 to #88! As a very rough estimate, I think my position in the Top New Free section was giving me a 20% boost. (I *just* disappeared from the Top New Free section today as it’s been a month since publishing, so I’m basing that just on today’s stats.) This will also negatively affect my ranking in the Android Market for ‘minesweeper’ searches if it keeps up.

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